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I work in the fitness industry because it is my PASSION to help individuals achieve their goals.  I have struggled my entire life with weight; whether being overweight or underweight.  I am here to help you regain your confidence and begin your fitness journey.  It won’t be easy, but with my guidance and support, you will have the body you’ve always wanted and the confidence you never knew you had.

Fitness Trainer

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When you enroll as a client, there is the option of receiving a nutritional package as well as a fitness program. To yield the best results, it is encouraged to follow a provided meal plan, training regimen and have weekly one-on-one training sessions. Weekly check-ins are also provided to track progress.

Personal Training

Personal training is much more than just working out with someone. With Amanda, you will have constant motivation, individual programming geared towards your goals, and long-term support. As your personal trainer, Amanda will always listen to your questions, concerns and needs.

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What is it?

The 60-day mindset transformation program is customized based off of each person. This is for someone who REALLY wants to change their lifestyle, beginning with their mindset. This isn’t just a program to lose weight and to regain your health, it’s taking things a step further by focusing on changing your lifestyle to better suit your goals. It’s for someone who needs the extra push, motivation, accountability, and overall structure buy willing to make changes. There is 100% adherence rule for this program.


In order to be successful, you need to look at all aspects of your life. For instance, what you do when you wake up, how you react to life stressors all the way to your emotions surrounding food. Once you have a solid understanding of these, you will be successful in changing your habits, especially when entering a weight-loss program.

Meal plan

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your needs and goals

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customized workout plan
per your needs and goals

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in-person training

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My Clients

My clients are very special to me! I spend hours, days, months, years with them and that connects us on a personal level. I am always here to listen to their physical or mental needs. I know when to push and when to simply listen, even as a friendly shoulder to cry on. I care about your well-being, not just physical appearance. I am always proud when a client achieves their goal, whether it’s a weight loss, strength, balance, or recovery from an injury or surgery. Spending time with each client individually has changed my life, I’ve learned how to be a better trainer, coach, and most importantly a better person. Once we connect, you’re not just a client to me. You become my friend.

AMANDA is a Qualified elite Personal Trainer

About Me

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2012 as a personal trainer and a manager. I have experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities including: novice trainees, young athletes, college athletes, bodybuilders, and older adults. Throughout my lifetime I have played soccer and currently am a competitive bodybuilder in the bikini division within the National Physique Committee (NPC). I have competed in 9 competitions including a national competition. I hold a certification in Personal Training and a bachelors degree in Psychology, with a minor in Biology, Health and Counseling and Neuroscience.

My name is Amanda Ferlisi and I am a certified elite personal trainer and the owner of Ferlisi Fitness LLC. I have progressed through the fitness industry for over eight years, starting at the front desk and developing my skills to ultimately find my passion as a personal trainer. This progression led me into competitive bikini bodybuilding within the National Physique Committee. I have competed in 9 events nationwide placing in multiple shows and going to nationals in 2018. Backing my experience is a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology and a concentration in health and counseling and neuropsychology from Emmanuel College. Not only can I provide a plethora of knowledge that I have gained over the years, but I have studied the human body and mind and I know how to help people on a different level that you may not find elsewhere.

At a young age, I had body image issues that I felt I needed to address with extreme measures. I tried everything from yo-yo diets, fad diets and even just not eating at all. At my lightest I was at ninety pounds and at my heaviest I was at one hundred and eighty pounds. I suffered throughout adolescence with eating disorders for the majority of my teenage years and college. Dealing with these struggles in my life has showed me that I can help others who suffer from similar issues as well.

Entering college in 2008, I wanted to study medicine in hopes to become a doctor but quickly fell in love with learning about the body and mind. I used what I learned in college and through my career to start changing my own eating habits. Ultimately translating into the way I coach and teach today.

Upon graduation, the only thing I wanted to do was help people never feel the way I have felt. Throughout my growth in this industry I have learned from many people and myself and I want to provide that same assistance to others. Over the years, I have learned better tools and techniques within the gym and with dieting that I apply in my own daily life and the lives of all my clients.

The most rewarding part of my career is receiving a message from a client about how happy they are with themselves both physically and mentally. It’s not easy to lose weight and it’s even harder to get past the mental obstacles that come along with beginning a weight-loss journey.

I don’t only invest myself, but I invest in the health and happiness of my clients. I trust them to do the work and they trust me to create the steps to help them achieve their goals. At 30 years old, I can truly say I have found my passion in life: helping others achieve their fitness goals.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact me. I’d be happy to chat about any fitness related topics.

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